Saturday, 10 July 2010

Please Mr Postman..

Well I'm shortly off to pick up a package from my local post office depot in town (despite living next to my village post office, madness eh?!) which will hopefully be a black maxi dress from e-bay. Now then do any of you girls buy accessories before you have the clothes to go with them?! I tottered off to the sales on Thursday (something I'm a little too good at!) and came back with a brown belt and necklace to wear with a black maxi. I know this combination is not going to set the fashion world on fire but I decided it was the last maxi I needed in my collection. (is it me or do summer clothes seem on their way out, I want to hang on to summer this year!) I will post a pic if it's a win!

I'm going to a summer ball tonight so will have an outfit post for tomorrow too.

Before I get going here are a few of my other sale gems, and my teapot filled with flowers, I was inspired by a friend at work, so I got my teapot out having not used it for three years and now I use it every day!

Teapot @ Royal Doulton (symmetry)
Gold bangle @ Evans
Coloured Bangle @ Accessorise
Flowers @ my garden!

Necklace @ Accessorise (£2.50!)

Necklace @ Accessorise


  1. The flowers in the teapot is a cute idea!
    I can't believe that necklace was £2.40, I love it! :)

  2. Ohh, like the picture setting.