Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Garden Style

So a non outfit post I hope that's OK! Since I enjoy dressing and accessorizing myself I thought I'd share how I dressed my garden for a recent BBQ.

I'm getting quite proud of my collection of garden stuff, It's taken a while to build up bits and bobs but over the last few years It's taken a bit of patience and luck but not as much cash as it should have.

My epic extendable table came from e-bay last year (a bit of luck was required in the winning of the auction), it was a not perfect second and cost a couple of hundred quid (instead of 1000!), all I needed was a man and a van (cue Dad) a man who could fix a hinge (cue other half) and a fair amount of teak oil. The striped garden chairs came from Next about 5 years ago and were bought in the sale (just before winter!). The parasol and deck chairs were also collected at different times when we had the cash.
I made all the bunting myself (If you're interested I refer you to this post here). The little things are all cheap and cheerful, the candle holders are either from Ikea, Wilkinsons, store 21 or cleaned out jam jars! (again collected over a couple of years) The belfast sinks with plants in were 10 quid each from a car boot.
Aren't my balls great! They are from Cargo, I spied them full price back in spring and waited until they were half price, then I pounced!
The lanterns are again from Cargo and were a couple of quid each, they looked amazing when it got dark.
Last but not least add guests, pavlova and an ice cream factory and some alcohol (Cactus margarita glasses another e-bay purchase) and all is well.
I thought it might be fun to show you round my garden, hope you enjoyed it!

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