Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Cornish Adventure!

This year our holidays amount to a few long weekends away, we did mean to get away for a week but we had a few things to fix in the house so a holiday has gone on the back burner for now :-( Still I booked a couple of nights down in Cornwall since it's somewhere I have never been before. I am a seaside girl at heart and growing up close to the Yorkshire coast I believe that Yorkshire fish and chips are second to none! -Still being a general food enthusiast I decided to give Cornwall a fair shot at proving me wrong! 

I booked a nice spa hotel (St Michaels Hotel and Spa) with dinner bed and breakfast through secret escapes on a bit of a whim really. I was a bit worried weather the hotel would meet my expectations (for the cost) although I had no need to worry. The hotel was decked out in a really classy nautical theme. The room was lovely, well appointed and clean and the bed was huge and comfy. There's a lovely park and a beach one minutes walk from the hotel. The restaurant was excellent and more than satisfied my food enthusiasm.

In terms of outfits I packed quite a few things since the weather was very uncertain, I did heed some sound advice from the other half who said 'just take what you enjoy wearing!' so that's what I did! In the end we lucked out on the weather though!
Jeans @ Evans
top @ New Look
Blazer @ Torrid
Shoes @ Asda
Tunic @ Evans
Jeggings@ Evans
Shoes@ Asda
Belt @ ASOS (normally I wear a blue one but I packed the wrong colour!

Cornish Ice cream is awesome and these little mini cones in the hotel restaurant were just perfect!
We did a whistlestop tour of South West Cornwall including St Michaels mount:
Mousel or Mousehole
More Ice cream with clotted cream on top, this is very wrong but very right!
and Lands End
Everything @ Evans!
From this post you may think I'm ice cream obsessed which is far from the truth normally I can take or leave it - but I did enjoy Cornish ice cream. The seafood was the star for me though, I can confirm that the fish and shellfish in Cornwall is stunning (no great revelation -I think they know that already!), I mostly had cold crab or grilled fish. As for the Yorkshire v Cornwall fish battle? Yorkshire battered fish and chips will always be my favorite but Cornish crab is something special indeed! 

Oh the cheese I forgot the cheese that was pretty good too! Mmm - Yarg!
Oh and the Beer, Tribute - mmm.
Oh and the pasties - mmm. 

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  1. You look so nice in all your outfits!! I especially like the first one. That blazer from Torrid is really nice.

    As a coastal girl from Norway living in inland Guildford I love going to the coast as well. Thankfully we have Hayling Island on the South coast just 45 mins drive away so me and my husband try to go there as often as possible.

    Cornwall is LOVELY!! I have been there twice since I moved over and I adore it. It is amazing.. If I could move somewhere in UK I would chose Cornwall. I agree with you about the cheese and pasties and beer... And as an Ice Cream'a'holic I love the Cornish Ice Cream too!! :) Glad to see that you had a good time and that the hotel was living up to the expectations!! :) xxx