Friday, 19 April 2013

Project/D for Simply be Review

I have such a special dress to share today!

 The fabulous Em got in contact with me to ask if I would like to review a dress with her and three other bloggers. I decided that I was a very lucky girl to be invited and jumped at the chance! The dress in question is the Carnegie Strappy dress by Project/D London for Simply be. I love the idea of five different takes on the same garment especially since this dress comes in black and white, which adds a different dimension and of course we are showing you both!

The other ladies are:

Amy Simon from These Girls Turn Heads
Georgina from Cupcake's Clothes

so go and check their styling out.

So on to the lovely dress:
First of all apologies for the chicken indoor shots! It was still a little too cold for outdoor posing, also I wanted to show how gorgeous the scalloped edge of the dress is and the white background is  just the ticket.

Sizing: This dress is a size 24. I refer you to my blog title for my measurements! The cotton is not stretchy but there is a sheared panel at the back which adjusts the fit. This dress is a good fit on me, there is some extra room on the bodice at the back and sides on me but the waist fits about right. The waist does stretch but only within the shearing zone- which is actually really clever since you get to keep the lovely fitted structure at the front. The dress is very comfortable and wearable. If I had been in a shop trying this dress on I would have tried the 22 as well since I didn't I cant tell you how they compare but I would say stick to your normal size with this one.
The Broderie Anglaise is so pretty and delicate
Also the structure of this dress is fantastic there's a line of Broderie Anglaise which wraps around the dress from the top at the back to the front and joins the waistband, it's a small detail but it does make the dress feel special.
The waistband on this dress is not straight it dips around the sides so sits really well on the hips. The pleating on the skirt is concentrated around the back and sides but there's not much around the centre front I really like this detail as the dress doesn't feel bulky around the front.  
Right on to some more snaps of me wearing the dress:
The skirt is just lovely its so cute and girly! I should also mention that the straps are nicely placed and fit beautifully over bra straps. I should have moved my hair out if the way in the shot below so you could see the waist a bit better, It's getting a bit long!

As for my styling I decided to go with neon bling! I love all the big flashy neon and diamante jewelry that is around at the moment and this dress gave me a perfect excuse to acquire some! The bangles and necklace are from Next I had such a good time choosing a colour they had pink, blue and orange all as equally neon and in your face! Since I already owned the ring I went with yellow/lime. The nail polish was harder to track down but I came across this Accessorize one in 'Carnival'.
Dress Project/D at Simply be
Shrug @ Evans
Bangles @ Next
Necklace @ Next
Ring @ H&M
Shoes @ New Look

I suppose the last thing to mention is the price of the dress at £90 in this challenging economy I reckon it is a bit pricey. On the other hand this dress is a designer dress and is certainly an investment piece. Since it doesn't strongly confirm to any fashion fad it would happily sit in your wardrobe and come out for the next few years without looking dated. I could (and did!) accessorize this dress differently with different colour shoes accessories and belts. I guess when it comes to the cost of clothes everyone knows what they can afford and justify spending, so If you fancy a pop at this dress I would recommend give it a try and decide for yourself!


  1. You look amazing, I adore this dress on you and your hair is seriously the prettiest.


  2. I love the yellow and black. A totally fab look. Really beautiful.

  3. You look amazing! I love this dress. x x

  4. This is beautiful. I like the off-shoulder look of the cardi as well, it's really carefree and beautiful. I really love the last shot too - of all your neon against the Broderie Anglaise. Amazing. x.

  5. This is one gorgeous dress and it looks wonderful on you!
    Hugs, Susan

  6. The dress looks good on you. I really like it, but its mega pricey!

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  7. This is very pretty and it really suits you. You're right about it being quite timeless!


  8. Gorgeous outfit and fabulous pair of designer footwear.. Loved it!