Sunday, 7 April 2013

OOTD: New Look Maxi Dress

The country has been gripped in freezing weather for what seems like ages now. A couple of weeks ago whilst there was snow on the ground I took myself down to the shops, I popped into my local (Inspire free) new look and saw this maxi dress I decided I liked it so I took an 18 into the changing room and prepared to be disappointed!  Anyhow to my surprise it fitted perfectly. So there I was in  my snow boots buying a summer dress!

Last year I bought this dress in the 'bandeau maxi' style also in an 18. I'm happy to report that New look haven't adjusted the fit since. Given that I usually wear a 22 and sometimes a 24 in some inspire styles, being able to choose from the main range is refreshing. In fact I could buy this dress or this dress or this dress (OK so I already bought that last one!). 

On to the fit, there's lots of room in the bust and the gathering and elastic means the dress is comfortable. The fabric itself is not stretchy but there's plenty of gathering, It is not stretched around the neckline to a point where it looks like all the stretch has been used up, if that makes sense. There was a belt but of course it was a tad too small, seemingly as in all New Look dresses. 

The print on this dress is such a versatile one, I am really happy with this spring look and I think it will look equally as good with a pair of sandals and a couple of chunky bangles. At £23 this dress is a bargain and is going to be one of my staples for summer.

The jacket is also from New look Inspire and is a size 22, it is real leather and was about £65 which is another absolute bargain. I can't find the jacket on-line anymore but there might be some hanging around in stores still. It's a fantastic jacket for spring and looks great with a shirt and skinny jeans. It is cropped so I think it looks better open, and in these photos I've done the zip up a little bit too far, it looks really good just nipped in at the waist.

Dress @ New look
Jacket @ New look
Bag @ New Look
Necklace @ H&M
Belt @ ASOS

So there you go. It's taken me a couple of weeks to even brave putting a dress on, since I've been really feeling this cold snap. I want to do an OOTD with the blue paisley dress as well but that will have to wait for a slightly warmer day!


  1. Love the print of that dress and the bag is fantastic! I'm looking forward to when its warmer and maxi dresses become the norm.

  2. Beautiful dress and the jacket is a right steal! x x

  3. Looking great :) I love the jacket with the maxi dress xx

  4. Every fashion obsessed girl, who seek for some amazing Western Dresses for Girls, must follow your style! You look fabulous always!

  5. Superb wearing!!!..thats why latest fashion clothes seems preety on you!!!..

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