Sunday, 23 October 2011


I am so excited to show you this jacket. I tried it on way way back at plus London. I fell in love there and scoured the Torrid website all summer, alas the jacket never materialised. Then Lauren over at pocket rocket ran a give away including the blazer, alas I did not win. Due to a chance conversation with a lovely lady called Sally at FSS (who did win the giveaway) this amazing jacket found its way into my wardrobe! Wohoo!
 Blazer @ Torrid
Jeans @ Evans
Top @ H&M

This Jacket is a Torrid Size 2 and its really comfy, the jacket is a soft stretchy jersey type fabric. The sleeves are lined and rouched really beautifully. I have never ordered from Torrid but after trying this jacket for size and fit I would be happy to buy from them which is very unusual for me to trust an internet order for size and fit!

In other news I obtained the largest shopping bag ever this weekend:
In which is a new coffee machine, its one of the capsule ones and the coffee is gorgeous!

I am also sporting an animal print top that I bought a while back, I never blogged it for some reason. I am having lots of fun spotting it around blog world tho!

Actually this top has affirmed my confidence in being able to spot something trendy, all of the lovely ladies above look great in this top which makes me feel like I'm in good company! Perhaps I will style it up put down the giant carrier bag and show you a proper outfit post at some point!

Have a good week lovely people, next week is going to be busy, this time next week I will be showing you my haloween outfit... I'm going to be Betty Draper from Mad Men! 


  1. Wow Wendy! That jacket looks great on you, and what a nice story as to how you got it. I still fear Internet sizing, as I am terrible about returning things.

  2. You look fabulous in this jacket, and that shopping bag IS huge!!! i always like a huge bag, makes me think i have bought exciting things :)

  3. That jacket is lovely - perfect for this autumnal weather! Jen x

  4. The jacket is gorgeous, and I'm loving reading yours and everyone else's stories of how they managed to get that item they'd always wanted via FSS....makes me jealous that work meant I couldnt go!

    Really love the leopard print top, but love even more that you're going as Betty Draper for Halloween....I'm assuming blonde wig and massive hoop skirt, non?

  5. Loving this blazer, what a perfect fit and color.

  6. lovely outfit! I have a jacket like that from Froever 21 which I love too! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  7. Thanks lovelies. The best thing about blogging is the community, it's great to get together from time to time!

    Yep Betty Draper does indeed involve a blonde wig and a big skirt, cant wait to show you!

  8. That blazer is so gorgeous and looks fab on you :)