Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ruby Rocks the End of my Summer!

Well I am pretty sure today marked the end of my summer wardrobe wearing, as tomorrow I will be back in air-conditioned work.

I thought I would give my Ruby Rocks summer dress an outing. I bought this dress back in March then it promptly sat in storage all summer! I wasn't too keen on the fit of this dress at first, it's quite loose fitting around the bust, I was hoping for a fitted 50's style however its more of a kimono type sleeve, I may still wave it underneath the sewing machine, I haven't decided yet!

There was a lot of hype about these dresses but I didn't see this dress on the inter-blogs, anyone else think it was an odd fit?

Anyhow the colours are beautiful and vibrant and the fabric is cool and floaty. This dress also slips down the shoulders and reveals some sexy d├ęcolletage. There is also a lot of welcome detail in this dress, the rouched shoulders and gathered waist, along with a beautifully finished hem. Detail is something often sadly lacking in plus size clothes, a case in point is cardigans with boring pedestrian buttons when they could be pretty or unusual, but I digress!

These photos were taken in my back garden. (please excuse the wonky belt!) You may notice my car boot sale Belfast sinks which I am going to plant up somehow. Me and him indoors are huge Maple tree fans - as well as big softies when it comes to rescuing plants in need from the 'we can no longer be bothered to water' sections of garden centres, the one behind is such an example!
This is one of the few items of clothing I own where I love the back possibly more than the front! I think I may have to get a sexy v-back for Christmas... anyone listening? I'm looking at you style 369!
Dress @ Ruby Rocks, style 369
Belt @ Next
Shoes @ New Look

So there you go a review of a dress you can no longer buy! Apologies I'm not a prompt blogger at the moment, still e-bay is a wonderful place!


  1. lovely outfit, I love v-neck backs too! :)
    I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I'm your new follower! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  2. Thanks lovely! Just had a quick look at your blog too, its great, you're now in my reading list too.

  3. what a lovely dress! you look very pretty! love the cut in the back of the dress :)