Sunday, 15 February 2015

Collectif Faye Doll Dress

Well it's been a long time!

The last year has flown by pretty quickly. Fashion wise I have been in the doldrums - I haven't bought anything as all my spare cash has been funneled into the wedding! (We got married in December)

There is of course a wedding dress post or two coming up, but by way of warming up, I thought I would kick off the blog with a dress I bought a whole year ago from Collectif. Being a bit of a fan of vintage but not catered for by many of the repro-vintage outlets I was very excited to see collectif had a couple of plus size items (you know- properly(ish-more about that in a minute) plus sized, not just a small cut 22 with no stretch, which is more of a 20).

This is the Faye Floral Doll dress in a 3x. Sadly the plus size line was short lived, this dress was in the sale for quite a while and was not redone, but that may have been because the sizing is a bit odd, this dress fits well at the waist, the bust  is too big. In these pictures I am wearing a corset which pulls my waist in a bit but more importantly pushes my bust up and out a little - this just about fills the dress (which is still a bit baggy at the arms) but it is not my natural shape, I couldn't wear this dress with a normal bra without the dress looking too big at the arms.

Aside from the sizing issues this dress is amazing, it is frothy and swishy and so so good to dance in no petticoat required. Quality wise it is is top notch, but then it should be for £130 full price.

Collectif currently have this dress in the a fore mentioned not-plus-size 22 in the sale Faye dress in teal if this is your size then I heartily recommend it.


  1. The dress looks gorgeous on you! I wish I fitted into their clothes!
    Where did you get the shoes from? It all goes so well and you look beautiful!

    1. Thanks, I only dresses up on about four occasions last year! I don't fit into any of their current dresses, this was a very short lived plus size line they did. The shoes are just from New Look! (pretty much all my shoes are from New Look!

  2. That dress is an absolute beauty, I don't own anything by Collectif but I get serious dress envy when I see other people in them x

  3. I've just ordered a pile of stuff from their sale at the weekend after ogling for months and months! I haven't tried any of their stuff before, so am hoping it fits. I suppose you have to start somewhere and through trial and error, I'll figure out which size I am with them, but returning can be costly (especially as I ordered a heavy coat and jacket). Anyway, hopefully they'll fit. You look lovely in this dress.