Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cut for Evans

So on Wednesday I had an epic trek up to London, despite the weather. I'm quite British so I love to queue, drink tea and battle through bad weather for business as usual!
I'm so glad I made the effort though as it was great to see the cut collection and lots of lovely bloggers too.

The cut collection has the twitter community split, some like it some not so much. I love colour and print so when I saw the Alice Farrow kaleidoscope collection,  I was excited I certainly fall into the like category. The Rebecca Partington skyscraper is less my cup of tea but I know it went down well on the night it's fashion forward (and if anything I'm maybe not fashion forward enough!) and I'm sure will do well.

So I took a few bits of the kaleidoscope collection into the changing room to try on. I really like the print on the jumpsuit, I took a 24 in which was fine size wise but just not for me! (no pictures I'm vain!) I am so sad this is not a maxi dress as I think it would have had broader appeal. 

The blue blouse and pink pencil skirt are both gorgeous prints perfect for summer
The pencil skirt is a great shape (this is a 22) but i just wouldn't wear it, so sadly it didn't come home with me :-( The print on the top is also great but the straight hem on this shirt is not for me it just doesn't suit my shape as well as the pink blouse (this is a size 24) and came home with me (yes I got my purse out!)
This photo above does not quite do it justice so since it was valentines day on Friday I donned this shirt again and tweaked the styling a bit. Again the photo does not do this shirt justice since by the time we were ready and snapped some quick pictures the light had gone (so you get a rare shot inside my house!) we went to dinner with friends which was odd in a restaurant full of couples but so much fun!

Incidentally I had my nails done at the cut event and they match the shirt which is cool! 

I chatted to some familiar faces and met some new ones (I did a lot of squealing and waving my left hand around, apologie folks!) anyway as usual I did not get nearly enough pictures but here are a couple that I did snap:
The fantastic Caroline and Georgina
Isha and Debs
Charlotte Rosie Caroline and Hanna
George modelling complementary prints looking awesome!


  1. The colours and prints of the collection are so refreshing. Love how you styled the shirt!

  2. Wow, such beautiful clothes! :)