Tuesday, 5 June 2012

OOTD Goldfishes!

Howdy folks. Hope you are all well. Here's a very quick outfit post from last week. (apologies-photo quality is meh!) This top is a quirky little number with a goldfish print here its actually by evans but the print is from a top that Dorothy Perkins had in months ago. I have had loads of people say how nice it is including a lady on the till in a shop (she asked where it was from so I said Dorothy Perkins- I didn't have the heart to tell her it was Evans!)

I have to come clean and confess that I bought this top on e-bay though! Lately I have been stalking lots of things on e-bay! (I go through phases with e-bay when I search for pretty much everything I want in life on there!)

As for sizing this top is a 22/24 (the only size available) I would say that it is too big and the belt is  most certainly required. Just lately I have dropped about 5 sizes in Evans-  last summer I was buying sz 26's and today I bought a top in an 18! It's pretty much all to do with changes at Evans and not me! Still the recent dual sizing has left me somewhere around the 20 mark as I am finding the 22-24's too big. The elastic on the sleeves is tight, I have managed to get away without cutting it but by way of warning it may be necessary.

Incidentally the hair do I am sporting here is my staple hair style which I can pretty much always be seen wearing. It consists of a bun held up by a pen or pencil- seriously no effort at all! I never wear hair bands which somewhat limits hair styles but reduces split ends drastically! In hot weather its actually a legitimate hairstyle!
Top @ Evans via Ebay
Belt @ New Look (with dress)
Jeans @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Shoes @ New Look

As for life the universe and everything, my life has been pretty grown up of late, I have been working (giving my job lots of my energy), buying garden furniture and plants, spending quality time with the sky box (including Smash which I am getting quite into) and going on the odd bike ride when its not raining-which it mostly is at the moment!


  1. you look lovely i love the top i got a fish print dress from evans the other day. i love to wear my hair in a bun but i always wear a bobble and then moan about split ends lol glad to see your back xx

  2. It is a really lovely print !
    I like the stripe chair in the background too :)

  3. I love the way you've styled it! I might try it with a belt next.

  4. I love this look. I'm sure that's the top currently on offer at , by Lovedrobe, they also have it in cream x