Saturday, 9 June 2012

Joe Browns Challenge

Welcome to my first review piece! The lovely Claire has done a fine job of organising a Joe Browns challenge courtesy of Simply Be. The idea is that we all style up the tunic in our own way, I am delighted to be taking part with some other great stylish ladies, the roll call is:

Sally: Fatshion!
Joanna: justjoanna

I have always been a bit nervous about doing reviews. Will the item fit? Will I actually like it? Do I trust myself to take some decent photos and post them on time?! Could I actually afford the item? (I have always been keen to post items within my budget).

When Claire sent through the link to the item I was delighted as I really liked the tunic (its something that I would spend money on and actually buy). When the tunic arrived the colours proved to be as vibrant and beautiful as the pictures on the web. If you fancy treating yourself to this lovely tunic you can find it here, its also available in green here.

I was intending to dress this tunic down with flat shoes and tan but as I hunted through my wardrobe I thought I'd add another purple hue and some bling! So without further a do this is what I did:
So the eagle eyed of you will notice that I'm wearing this top backwards!.... well... it was an individual style challenge! I sometimes find that a cross over bust doesn't suit me as well as a plain one however since a lot of the fitting is in the crinkle nature of the fabric I found that I could easily wear this top backwards. This top is one of those crinkle ones that you wash and tie a knot in to keep the creases... wohoo no ironing! Size wise I opted for the 24 however a 22 may have been better for me as there was quite a bit of room in the bust. I would say this top runs completely true to size. I also liked the way the horizontal purple strip sits at the back when worn back to front. In addition my natural waist is lower than the tie belt so it seemed to work better.
Incidentally this top is made in India. My Dad spent four months working in India last year (far from the tourist trail) and came home in love with the people and culture. He made lots of friends whilst over there and has nothing but good things to say hence this top makes me think of India which in turn makes me think of my folks which makes me smile!
Look here's some slightly tanned arms too (what a treat!):
Tunic Joe Browns @ Simply be
Legings @ New Look
Shoes @ New Look
Cardigain @ Monsoon

So that's my first review piece I hope I did OK, any questions about fit etc. please feel free to ask in the comments section. Many thanks to simply be and Claire. I am already planning my next Joe Browns purchase!

Hope you all have a good weekend and it rains slightly less than it did last weekend!


  1. Wow! I'd never thought of wearing it backwards! Cool option Wendy. I LOVE how you styled it. It looks amazing and your shoes are fabulous! Your first review was brilliant.

  2. i love how you have put this on back to front i think it looks even better this way round xx

  3. u have wonderful style!!:)

    <3:emmiveera from finland

  4. You looks great!
    Take a look at my danish plus size blog!