Sunday, 15 April 2012

OOTD: Nothing New Here!

Nothing new here today! Everything in this OOTD is from the depths of my wardrobe with the exception of the leather jacket which my lovely mum bought on e-bay and then gave to me! She is amazing we often give each other things (although she probably gives me more than I give her!) usually its quite painful parting with things since we tend to love the same stuff but it's great knowing it will be well loved!
If I'm honest this is the kind of outfit I totter out in on a regular basis and feel most comfortable in. Usually it consists of my trusty bootcut jeans, a top a pair of flats and a jacket of some description! I will always be a bootcut gal!
Jacket @ ?!
Top @ Evans
Jeans@ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Shoes @ New Look

The top is one that I bought from Evans three years ago now, I remember it being really quite expensive but I bought it to wear to my birthday party which was Mexican themed, so it was worth it at the time. Since then it has been sat in my wardrobe unworn, mostly due to the fact that the beading is quite delicate and I didn't want to wreck it! Crazy girl logic aside It's nice that it got an outing! The photo below is from aforementioned party!

Anyway I have had a recent delve through my clothes collection (which is embarrassingly large!) and have unearthed a few gems that I had temporarily misplaced. I'm finally getting to grips with where everything is following the move last year!


  1. Yay! An outfit post!! Good to see your face Misses! Loving the tan in the outfit - the jacket is AMAZING! I also love the shoes. I really want a good pair of tan flats. My poor loafers are worn to death!

    1. Thanks, the shoes are only cheap ones from New Look, I got them last year when they had about 15 different types of tan flats, I tried every one on and these matched my bag the best!

  2. I love your jacket, i'm really inspired by "colonial brown". Kisses

  3. I got this top too, it's sat in my wardrobe! You've inspired me to actually wear it, it looks lovely on you :) xx