Sunday, 15 April 2012

OOTD and some rambling!

After a fair old radio silence thought I'd do a second post today! So what have I been up to?

The last month or so has consisted of getting up early going to work coming home eating sitting on the sofa and going to bead at about 9pm! The new job is great but the commute is taking some getting used to!

We have been collecting a few more bits and pieces for the house including did it ourselves art made by framing a Pantone guide!...
 ...we have been starting to work on the garden....
 ..and I have been sorting out the bedroom...
I love my bed I bought it on e-bay as a wreck and me James and my Dad brought it back to life (it still has wood for feet but nobody's perfect eh?)

We bought some much needed huge new drawers...
All pretty exhausting!

Anyway I'm just rambling onto an outfit post!

I bought this top today in ASDA! It's great! At £16 I think it looks much more expensive, reminds me of the floral photoesque prints that Monsoon were doing last year. Its a sz20 the front floral panel is not stretchy but the back (plain black) has a little stretch in it, it comes with a black tie belt but I decided to pop my trusty Gold ASOS belt on with it. The top is available here (alas not in the 22 or 24, but they may be in store still). I decided to show you this top with Jeans and leggings as I think it works well with both. The presence of sleeves make it easy to wear without the need for a cardi. Thats bout all I can say really! Here are some more pics:
Shoes @ Carvela
Leggings @ New Look
Jeans @ Evans
Belt @ ASOS
Earings & Necklace @ Dorothy Perkins
Top @ ASDA!

 Oh I also went nuts in DP's and bought some buy one get one half price jewellery:


  1. wow!!! that picture is awesome! Did you make it yourself??

    1. yep certainly did! I was very lucky to be given a pantone colour guide, it did take a lot of patience tho!

  2. beautiful!!!!you and your bed..i want it a similar solution for my bedroom! tks!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I love my bed its one of my favourite places!

  3. I love the Pantone frame you've done! Amazing! I'm inspired to try something myself too!


    1. It's easy once you get going, you just have to have an idea and just keep going until its finished!

  4. The Pantone picture is amazing!!! and I love your outfit, asda seem to be getting it very right at the moment. xx

    1. Thanks, the frame is from IKEA! Asda had some nice things in I was quite impressed!