Saturday, 30 July 2011

Good News! Finally Somewhere to Build a Nest!

Wohoo! Good news! After six months of accommodation turmoil (and about six years of saving a deposit!) we have exchanged on our little house! I'm so relieved! Finally somewhere to build a little nest all of our own!

As for nest building this brings me to my new hobby. Which I've promised myself I'm not going to get carried away with and go hobby obsessed! So for now its more of a project than a hobby! My mum has taught me to knit, eek! Now I have friends who can knit fantastic things, things that are actually designed to fit the human body! As for me I've never been able to knit, I can bake and sew but knitting has always been like trying to eat soup with a fork! (as a far as nemeses go I think I got off quite lightly, knitting)

Still, inspired by re-runs of 'Kirstys Homemade Home' I have picked up the knitting needles and am knitting us a blanket!


OK so I should probably come clean and say the white ones not mine! When I say I am knitting a blanket I am performing some rudimentary knitting and roping my mum into doing me some beautiful patterned squares.

Here's another one of her gorgeous stitches (Rice Stitch)

Pretty Cool eh? I'll keep you updated as to how my blanket is going! I haver a feeling it may not be ready for this winter!

I will post some pics of the new house when we get in. Hopefully we will be getting the keys next week. After that it's just the small matter of finding a job to pay for things!

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