Sunday, 24 July 2011

A current OOTD!

Still here! and life is still very up in the air, I can't wait to write a post with some good news in it, alas for now I will have to settle with showing you a good dress instead! Although I must add that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting ever closer and we remain cautiously optimistic! 

It's not often that I show you something that is still available to purchase! (usually too slow with OOTD's) I bought this dress from New Look recently (with a gift voucher- still being careful with cash - given the current ubiquitous sales that's not easy- grr!). 

The earings are from Accessorise and were one of my few sale purchases, I think they were £1.60 but they look much more expensive than that -well I think so!
Dress @ New Look
Jeggings @ Evans
Cardi @ New Look
Earrings @ Accessorise

Anyhow this dress is great, the bust line is very flattering and the fabric is very floaty and feminine. The rose print is really pretty (although it confused a bee/wasp yesterday who crawled inside it and stung me on my back - my first sting ever beelieve(lol!) it or not!) The slip inside is independent of the dress (but has connecting poppers) and has adjustable straps, although the fabric is very synthetic I don't have a particular aversion to it but I know some folk do. Back to the print; the pink, red and peach tones in the roses act as a good bridge between black and brown, hence the brown bag (I say hence the brown bag, at the moment it's my only bag not in storage!).

Here's me doing a bit of a mermaid pose! 
 The location for this 'shoot' is Hornsea, a small sea side resort on the beautiful East Yorkshire coast. We have some fantastic beaches in Yorkshire, sadly the East coast is eroding very quickly in places, Hornsea being one of them. The huge rocks at the top of the beach have been put there in an effort to slow the loss of land, I hope they work. My photographer was my mum who it turns out is pretty good behind the camera!
Lastly our main reason for going to the seaside are these little guys:
They are called Florence and Bobby (left to right) they are papillion crossed with Shitzu and they are just gorgeous! They both love running around on the beach but neither of them will go in the water!

Lastly apologies If I'm not responding to comments very well at the moment, things are busy and my internet access is patchy, I do appreciate comments and want to say a big thank you for such positive and lovely comments. As soon as life settles down I will be a much better blogger!


  1. Lovely photos of you, that dress is so pretty, it's payday tomorrow, I might just pop over and get one!
    Hope life settles for you soon.
    Kandi x

  2. Very pretty dress and great photos of you. I totally understand having tight finances, it is the same with me, never very much fun having to worry about money and count every cent.

    Cute doggies and hoping for good news for you soon <3

  3. Good to see you back in the world of blogging! We've missed you! Love the dress and the mermaid pose :)