Saturday, 16 November 2013

Evans Coat and boots Love Hate relationship

When I bought this coat an Evans leaflet dropped out of the carrier when I got home. The model was wearing this coat and these boots together! Having already bought both I decided I must have fair taste, which is lucky because I will be wearing this combo until spring!

I LOVE how both of these things look, the coat has a draw string around the waist which gives this coat some shape this is the 24, I tried on the 22 which did fit, to be honest there was very little difference in the fit of the two, the 22 was a bit tighter as you would expect but not lots tighter. I went for the 24 just because I would be most likely to wear this coat over jumpers. The fur on the hood is so soft and the PU trim on the pockets feels lovely, it feels like suede and not at all like plastic. There are two real press stud closure pockets and four fake zip pockets, the fake pockets are a bit annoying since I keep forgetting and trying to unzip them! The fake zip pockets do look good though, the coat would not be as nice without the detail.

I HATE what I'm about to say These two items look great but quality wise they could be better. The boots were 95 quid which is a lot of money and to be honest I would say that the quality is pretty poor for that amount of money. The finishing on the heel started to peel off within two weeks of buying these boots. The stitching is also coming undone in a few places and the heel is wearing already. I should add that I wear these boots to drive to work at which point I take them off and put on safety shoes which I wear all day then I put these boots back on to drive home, so I wear them for about two hours a day! Not good at all. The coat is mostly good but the hood doesn't stay up in the wind (since there are no draw strings or poppers) so when I got rained on at the weekend I just got wet, I felt a bit silly really, like style won over substance.


  1. The combo does look really good, but when you're buying stuff to last through winter, especially at those prices you expect them to at least be of a more durable quality!

    What a shame!

    You look great though x

    Diamonds n Pearls

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