Saturday, 24 September 2011

Back to the Blog! - FSS and an OOTD

As I write I'm sitting in my house... in the living room.... on a comfy sofa watching all my favourite recorded TV! (currently the Bachelor-I know car crash TV but I can't help it!) Seems dull but I'm in heaven!

This year has been quite turbulent (one redundancy, three jobs, a couple of months unemployment, nowhere to call home for six weeks, living in B&B's/driving far too many miles.. oh and buying a house... stressful? ...nah!) ...but finally.... we are settled! It has taken us a while to accumulate enough furniture and appliances to make our house a home, but we are almost there! The only real beast left to tame is somewhere to store clothes, something most of you folk will identify with!

Anyhow what have I been up to lately?! A couple of weeks ago I went up to London for FSS organised by the lovely monkey.  I had a great time talking to some of you girlies and finding some of my old clothes new homes. I hope they are now happier being worn rather than gathering dust in my wardrobe!

I found FSS so interesting, it was good to see clothes by different labels and check out the different fits. It was also really interesting to see the different people there, I must admit I did more talking than rummaging! One observation I made is that the smaller sized end of the table was much more colourful than the bigger end! (story of our lives eh?!)

I came away with a few bits and pieces, along with a bag for the charity shop! (as there was too much left at the end for one monkey to manage!) I threw an outfit together yesterday with a top I procured (although interestingly this top was among the things I picked up for the charity shop!)

Jeans @ Evans
Top @ ASOS Curve (via FSS)
Necklace @ Accessorise
Shoes @ New Look
Jacket @ H&M

I talked to Sally who won Lauren's Torrid competition and I ended up gushing over that lovely striped blazer back at plus London. I was quite annoyed with Torrid, yet again something with so much promise never materialised on their website, anyway to cut a long conversation short Sally offered to post me the blazer and I am the most excited gal ever! She is a true star, and I am a lucky gal! Hopefully I will have a stripy outfit post for you soon! 

I am hoping the blogging absence has come to an end, I have a new sewing project on my mind but will share all when I manage to pull something together!

Hope you are all well! Bye bye for now,


  1. Lovely to see you back, sound like a hectic old time or you!
    Love that jacket you have on there it's gorgeous.
    Kandi x

  2. Really nice to see you back, and glad your life is returning to normal. xxx

  3. Was great to see you again! Loads of people I gave a "charity" bag to ended up with more goodies!! That is a very lovely top!