Sunday, 6 February 2011

Plus London!

Wow! I had such a great time at Plus London last night. First of all many thanks to our lovely organisers: Lauren, Kat, Sophie, Stephanie and Valerie, as well as the sponsors for giving us a sneak peak at some of their beautiful clothes. 

It was great to see so many lovely ladies looking amazing! (I felt so under dressed!) Anyhow without further a do lets push on to the photos:

The best way to kick off any fabulous event, with tea and cakes of course!
I met Amanda in the primrose bakery nestled in between the strand and Covent Garden I had the most lovely delicate green tea and a lemon cupcake...

Then onwards to the Strand Gallery for schmoozing over pretty clothes, including a tiny sneak peak at H&M Inclusive, I'm very interested to see this collection in the shops and hoping patience will be rewarded!

Just a few of my favourites...
This Jacket is Torrid (its a size 2, I refer you to my blog title for my measurements for fit comparisons and all) 
It was quite possibly made to go with my outfit last night! I could not be any more in love with this jacket!

This top is also Torrid and is a size 2 also, It's an odd cut, sort of on the bias on a diagonal under the bust line the frills are just super... finally a chiffon that likes me! (look arms out and everything!)

Oh on to Anna Scholtz... and wow! I would never have tried this dress on in a million years - but thanks to Beth and a swap in the changing room (aka ladies loo!) I did! I don't normally go for anything pencilesque due to the tummy but It looks blinding in this photograph! (note to self to be more adventurous)
(I think it was a size 18 or 20, I did have champagne brain by this point!)

I was desperate to try this baby on but these were going back to ASOS so it was strictly try on with your eyes only! alas this snap does not do it justice! ASOS Curve is getting a lot of love from the plus community and it's not hard to see why! (they are stocking as lot of peach and orange tones at the moment which do nothing for me :-( but there are many more colourful gems too :-)

OK now onwards to the the lovely bloggers,  all looking radiant of course! 
I shamelessley redirect you to here for blog links!

I love this photo, so much so that I'm enlarging it and screwing up the layout of my blog! (ha! and the crazy perfectionist in me doesn't even mind!) I think we all look so happy (who wouldn't sporting such amazing clothes!) I loved the grey wrap dress so soooo much (in fact I sneaked off to the pop up studio to get a professional photo done - fingers crossed it looks good!)

By 10 o'clock I didn't want to go home :-( but looking at the vast quantities of empty champers bottles:

I think going home was the best course of action!


  1. Wendy - was LOVELY to meet you! You looked amazing and you FINALLY know my real name :) Just don't tell anyone ...

  2. looks like you had such a fun time! and those were beautiful clothes! :)

  3. It was great to meet you and i will definitely be following up on that lippy recommendation. I think you may be first up with the pics!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous time!! Everyone looked amazing! Hopefully, this could be a yearly thing! :D


  5. OMG - the event looked so much fun! Thanks for taking so many great photos. I really like that Anna Scholtz dress on you - yay for being adventurous, sometimes it really pays off.

  6. Thank you so much for helping my polka-dot bottom into that wrap dress - lol! Was so lovely to meet you xoxo

  7. Also, the Anna Scholz samples were all size 18

  8. ahhh it was a fabulous day, so glad it went fabulously!

    Soo nice to meet you again my darling, good luck with the move to Oxford!


  9. So many beautiful people around! Jealous that you guys get to see the H&M Inclusive range!

  10. It was so nice meeting you Wendy! When are you getting that AS dress, it looks amazing on you. Till the next meet up.

  11. I love the outfit you are wearing, the one with dress+trousers+red shoes, it's perfect on you!!!


  12. Hi, I have got your lonk from Anika, so I came to say hello, and that I lov eyour blog, and what you are about.
    Besos from Spain.