Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Uncertain Times and New Boots.

Apologies I've been off the radar for a little while, change has been afoot over here. The other half landed himself a new job in Oxfordshire, so I have been getting used to the idea of moving from our little place in Sussex up to a new county altogether! As if that's not enough I have just accepted (well timed) redundancy from my job (which I love to bits) :-( sad but I am currently (and have been for 2 years)  in a site closure situation so it's not a case of 'if' just a case of when. So, still feeling a bit numb, on one hand life is about to get exciting, on the other hand I am faced with the scary prospect of job hunting and uncertain times ahead :-(  

With all this turmoil I have not been spending too much time on-line. I have been keeping an eye firmly on what's in the shops as I am currently deciding what to wear for the works Christmas party. This year will be my last with my current job and I thoroughly intend to push the boat out!

Anyway in the meantime here are a few recent outfits. Nothing startling just a few quick snaps.

This top is from H&M it is very comfy and the shoulder detailing is pretty. I think it looks better in real life than these photos!
 Top @ H&M
Jeans @ Evans
Shoes @ ASDA
Necklace @ ASDA

This outfit is what I wore to a recent Christening:
Necklace @ sensation Brighton
Trousers @ TESCO 
Cami @ Monsoon
Shoes @ Evans
Cardi @ New Look Inspire
Jacket borrowed from mum (since I'm not sure they let you in a church dressed in leopard print!)

Lastly a familiar outfit but I wanted to show you my new boots (forgive the pose I'm a little drunk and being egged on by my parents!)
Boots @ Evans
Cardi @ H&M
Cami @ H&M
belt @ Evans

These boots are from Evans alas they are no longer on the web but they are great boots. I actually wanted something with a little more heel, as the ones I bought last year are gorgeous but do hurt my feet. As it was, this pair was the only option that were knee high, fitted me, were in leather (not suede- I love suede but would wreck it instantly!) and didn't have a killer heel! Still they are great and I love that Evans do knee highs that fit me! Thanks Evans great boots!