Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Autumnal Purchases from Evans and New Look

Since October is one of those change of season months I have inadvertently purchased one or two (Okay three or four, or five) new items. I started the month with a wish list of some new tan boots (which I have already shown you) and a burgandy blazer. So I toddled to Evans and bought the boots and then to New Look to try on a burgandy blazer, this one in fact (in the changing room pic i'm wearing a size 20):
I narrowly resisted buying it in favor of a Jacquard version that I'd seen on line (but wasn't available in store), incidentally I narrowly resisted buying this blue speckled one too! (in the changing room pic i'm wearing a size 22):

(have you figured out I'm jersey blazer obsessed?!)

Jaquard blazer duly purchased on line, Octobers clothes buying complete right?!

Wrong of course! I went to visit my folks and my mum and I fell into the shops. Whilst in Evans I bought a top and a new winter coat! (the coat will be up presently I promise!) The top however I combined with my new boots and new blazer and tah da!
Blazer @ New Look
Top @ Evans
Boots @ Evans
Bag @ M&S (old)

I was a bit worried about the Jacquard blazer as It's quite slouchy (perhaps a tad too much) but I have to admit the texture is lovely and now I'm sure I made the right choice. This blazer is a size 20 and is so so comfy. There's plenty of room in the arms and the 3/4 sleeve length is great for me, I love a 3/4 sleeve and I know some folk don't but on this blazer It works well. 

The top is from Evans and is a size 20 too It was a tad tight around the tummy in the shop (I tried on the 22/24 but the dual sizing meant the shoulders didn't fit they were just too baggy) I decided to go with the 20 as I knew I would be wearing a blazer. As it turns out the top relaxed on wearing and I am really happy with the fit. The eyelash lace around the collar is gorgeous its really delicate. Incidentally this top is machine washable and the lace held up well in the machine. I am also happy to report this top has sleeves (hooray!):
This tunic is short, there's no getting away from it! It could be worn with jeans/jeggings or skinnies, but I've gone crazy and worn my leggings, they are thick and this top does cover my modesty! Plus I like the way this top looks with boots.

Aside from buying new stuff and working /driving and sleeping the other half and me went to a pudding evening in a local tea room. This consisted of a light meal and four puddings! I'm not a huge pudding fan believe it or not! (I would sooner have a cheeseboard) the evening was great though, mainly because everything was beautifully presented on vintage china!

As much as enjoyed the experience trying to eat four puddings is not for me, so I won't be taking on the Christmas challenge of five puddings coffee and mince pies! 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pink Clove Review

So it's been ages since I went to London to the Pink Clove bloggers supper -July infact!). Fairly immediately after I bought a Pink Clove frock but hadn't gotten around to wearing it yet. Truthfully I wasn't sure about this particular frock at first. I really wanted to style it simply with heels and sheer tights but it just didn't look right.

Roll on 2 months and now its well and truly autumn I decided to give my Pink Clove frock another go, just dressed down a little. So this is how I wore it:
This frock is not my preferred shape, there's no getting away from the fact that it does cling a bit, for anyone interested in the side profile here it is (sorry -grumpy face for some reason!):
I am wearing a size 22 here which is the right size for me any bigger and the arms and top would be too big. I dare say that shapewear could provide smooth foundation for this frock, I am not wearing any here besides regular leggings. This outfit is so so comfy, we spent the day out and about, went to a museum then dinner then I slouched on the sofa and watched a movie.

As for pink clove in general the ordering process was smooth and the delivery was really speedy, for £18 you cant go wrong!

The boots I'm wearing here are from Evans and are new too. Here's a closer  look: 
Dress @ Pink Clove
Boots @ Evans
Cardi @ H&M
Bag @ M&S
Belt @ Asos