Sunday, 30 June 2013

OOTD: New Look Coral Blazer

I promised myself I would blog this weekend, so here I am at ten to eleven on a Sunday night when I really should be in bed! Anyhow this will be a very quick post! This is my new blazer that I picked up in New Look in Reading (which is a very uninspiring Inspire indeed!) on Saturday, there was only one in the shop it's size 20 which is a good fit and is a soft jersey in a coral colour, it's perfect for summer evenings when it comes in cooler but its still a bright colour so doesn't feel dowdy. I wore this outfit out to dinner this evening, the other half and I went on a date night into Oxford just to Wagamamas and then the Turf (one of Oxfords best pubs). I really should have taken the camera with me since Oxford is a beautiful backdrop and was so quiet this evening. Still you have me in front of the lovely meadow near our house instead. 

Incidentally my hair is pretty much always held up with a pencil as above (yep just a pencil!) I need my hair out of the way at work (I'm a scientist so work in a lab a fair amount). I never use hair bands and it makes a big big difference to how healthy my hair is, I have fewer split ends and less general breakage. So if you're wondering where my hair waves come from it's by having my hair in a pencil all the time, I simply pull the pencil out and voila:

Blazer @ New look
Jeans @ Evans
Shoes @ New look
Bag @ New Look

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Good old Familiars

Well, I can't quite believe its been a month and a half since my last post! Time is flying at the moment! I have not been up to anything special, asides a few trips up and down the country to see families and generally a lot of going backwards and forwards to work.

My outfits of late have been comprised of the familiar and comfortable. Last time I went up to Yorkshire I wore this outfit:
Top @ New look (a couple of years ago)
Blazer @ Torrid (a sample from plus London but given to me by Sally who won it, I love where this blazer came from it has seriously good memories attached to it!)
Jeans @ Evans
Sandals @ ASDA!

I am pretty much living in these skinny jeans from Evans they are so comfy and fit amazingly well. This outfit was perfect for sitting in the pub -Nellies in Beverley is a seriously good pub, it's lit entirely by gaslight and is a Sam Smiths pub so beer is extremely good and extremely cheap. The other half is pretty into his ales so we always go to Nellies when I go home.

Anyhow I'm rambling away! The sandals I'm wearing are George at ASDA, I bought them a month or so ago and have been also living in them since, these pictures do not do them justice. In fact I am so in love with these sandals I went back and bought two more pairs! They to make even my ropey toes look OK! At £8 you cant go wrong really!

I have bought one or two items of clothing lately including a black Maxi dress from Evans that has been doing  the blogger rounds. I tried it on back in march and liked it but I'm still finding Evans full price things a bit expensive, so once it was on sale I managed to snap it up! I saw it here on Cass' blog (which has recently become one of my favorites) I will blog it at some point soon I promise!

I also bought a gorgeous dress from Monsoon for a wedding in July, which of course meant I needed to buy shoes and a bag and a shrug, just needed to! I will also blog that soon too.

I seem to have slept through the Clements Ribeiro launch, or at least by the time I decided I might like to buy a piece it sold out! I managed to miss the Simply be blogger take over which was a shame (pesky work strikes again!) since I was thrilled that Lauren, Laura and Em launched their dresses. I was planning on buying Em's dress but then I had to buy two new brake cylinders for the car :-( I will admire it from afar for now and see how the finances go next month!

I have also been reading lots of awesome posts lately, I am here just a but quiet at the moment! Hope you are all well.

I have to go now I have a pub quiz to cycle to!