Sunday, 6 May 2012

OOTD and some coloured balls!

First of all a massive thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post they were very much appreciated!

So the bank holiday has been pretty grotty so far. I went for a little toodle round the shops and since it was raining I decided to buy a summer dress! Great logic eh?! 

Now I had decided I wasn't going to buy any more maxi dresses however apparently I have no will power when it comes to a maxi dress. This little beauty is from New look and was £22.99 Which I think is great value. This is a sz24 but has quite a bit of stretch. The dress drapes nicely and feels light weight and easy to wear it doesn't cling at all and the belt actually fits! (the neckline looks asymmetric here but its not- just straight) 

Dress @ New look
shoes@ New Look
Cardi @ New Look
Bag @ M&S
Necklace @ Dorothy Perkins

The other thing I bought this weekend is very cool and since I know I have some awesome creative followers I thought I would share. Can you guess what it is:

How bout now?

Yeah, build your own fairy lights!

Cable and cotton are based in Brighton and their shop is brilliant fun! They have lots of colours of cotton balls to choose from, once you have chosen your balls you take them to the till and they give you a string of fairy lights, then its just a case of five minutes self assembly (ten if you overthink it!). They look amazing and as I write its actually dark and they look even prettier! Money well spent!