Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pink Clove: Bloggers Supper

I think I have to preface this post to add a bit of perspective so here goes: I have always maintained that I am very much a hobby blogger, I dip in and out of the blog when I feel like it. For me blogging is a pleasurable experience because I am essentially just a frock enthusiast. I do not have a super duper camera and I don't have bags of time to do reviews. I am oh so 'British' and believe quite strongly that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything (I am also a big fan of afternoon tea and queuing!) hence my opinions are honest.

Every now and again an invite drops into my in box that excites me and I feel I must expend time and effort be a part of. The Pink Clove bloggers supper invite was one of these exciting e-mails. I must admit I was romanced by the thought of going to Mayfair for dinner and a cocktail (there aren't many gals who wouldn't be!). Before accepting I thoroughly dug through the website and I was really impressed at the clothes on offer. I would buy these clothes because they are just lovely but overall they are affordable.
My day was a feet of precision timing, I was up at 6 to embark on my 35 mile commute to start work at 7:30 so I could leave early, I spent all day on my feet at work then drove the 35 miles home I had precisely 30 minutes to beautify myself before my other half dropped me off at the local station for a 45 minute train ride into London (I am very lucky to live on a great rail link to London). I donned my flat shoes to navigate the tube and the mean (OK actually quite posh) streets of London, then threw my heels on at the last minute and trotted into the beautiful room (last of course!).

There was a lovely dinner table set up and the ambiance was elegant and subtle. There were also some rails of pretty clothes. My favorite theme from the collection is 40's/50's lady, the event really did mirror the clothes.
Shall we get on with my outfit, I wasn't quite how to dress but in the end I went with my new frock form Live Unlimited at Evans. (and yes -I have had my hair cut and haven't quite learned how best to tame it yet! I don't know if I like it - the length and layers just aren't quite right still it grows fast and will soon be long enough to sort it out.)
Dress Live Unlimited @ Evans similar here
All other accessories @ New Look

This dress was great for the event very comfy but still glam and a bit sexy.

Anyhow onwards to the leafing through pretty clothes:
Two of my favorites:
The wrap dress on the left also comes in a gorgeous midnight blue colour, I didn't get a picture of it but I did get to lay my mits on it and the jersey was ridiculously soft and only £18!

My camera was not quite up to scratch on coping with the lighting levels in the room but I did take a couple of other shots:
I was impressed with the basics too -this black pencil skirt would be such a hardworking addition to any wardrobe and at a tenner it's a pretty good price. (I love the teal version too)
I'm going to bombard you with lots of pics of the fabulous bloggers I met and then add some links at the bottom. Needless to say all of the ladies were lovely, and seriously fun to be around!
Not pictured but I also met:
(Yey for twitter which helped me find everyone!)

Last but not least here are the lovely Ladies representing Pink Clove (Bex and Elizabeth) and of course the gorgeous Curvy Wordy in her one off Collectif dress which was just gorgeous! (serious frock envy!)
So to sum up Pink Clove clothes are really promising and super affordable prices range from £12-£40 -seriously some retailers are just getting started at £40. Please believe me when I say the glam event has not swayed my opinion I think that a lot of hard work and thought has gone into creating this range. So I have just put my money where my mouth is and have ordered a frock. I'm will let you know what I think of it in due course!


  1. Great write-up! So lovely to see you again x

    1. Thanks, I had a lovely time! and it was great to see you :-)

  2. What size are you wearing in the Live Unlimited Dress? I WANT one, but would love the size comparison... Is it your normal size? You look AMAZING.

    1. Hey Em, Believe it or not this is a size 20 which is usually a bit smaller than I would buy from Evans. It is a pretty special frock, it feels very sexy to wear!

  3. Random question, but are you in Cornwall presently?? If not, you have a double! x

  4. Yep I was! I have never been spotted in the real world! I had a great time eating Cornish seafood and ice cream. We are back home now although wishing I was still sitting on a beach eating Cornish seafood and ice cream!. Where did you see us were you on holiday too?

    1. Ha ha, in the Ship Inn in Mousehole yesterday? I spent ages trying to work out why you looked familiar! I'm on holiday in St. Ives until Saturday, also loving the seafood and ice cream :) x

  5. Oh I thought so were you wearing an awesome jumpsuit?! Mousle is so pretty. We were in Falmouth but only for a couple of nights, we did a whistle stop tour of south west Cornwall, just about to blog a couple of snaps!

    1. Yes that was me in the floral jumpsuit :) great photos x

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